Reusable Ice Gel Eye Mask

Reusable Ice Gel Eye Mask

Name: Reusable Ice Gel Eye Mask
Item: EM20095-Y
Size: 200*95mm (accept customized)
Weight: 125g (accept customized)
Material Inner: water + glycerol+ SAP Bead / Outer: clear PVC + plush backing
Function: Reduce Eyes fatigue, tiredness and stresses

Product Details

Reusable ice gel eye mask can be ice-coated and hot-coated gel bead mask. It can be cold-applied after refrigerating, and can be hot after microwave heating. After repeated use, it is still soft, super durable, can be bent at will, more docile, daily relieve eye fatigue, help sleep and soothe the nerves.

The reusable ice gel eye mask has built-in gel beads, which can absorb cold and absorb heat. The gel beads are composed of high-polymer compounds and various biological elements. 

Reusable ice gel eye mask is flexible and maintains a soft hand under the alternating hot and cold cycles; the eye mask is directly attached to the gel beads, and the soft fluff fabric, polyester fiber material, skin-friendly and breathable, both sides are available.


* Improve eye microvascular circulation, eliminate eye fatigue, and restore ciliary muscle elasticity. 

* Soothe discomfort caused by excessive brain dizziness, forgetfulness, anorexia, etc.

* Relieve brain fatigue syndrome such as migraine, neurasthenia, and insomnia.

* Eliminate eye bags, dark circles, and enhances the smoothness and elasticity of the skin around the eyes.


* The eye mask is for external use only. If the contents contact the eyes or skin, clean it with water.

* To prevent the temperature from getting too low, it is best to wrap it in a towel or cotton cloth when you start using it.


NameReusable Ice Gel Eye Mask
Model NumberEM20095-Y

Inner: water + glycerol+ SAP Bead

Outer: clear PVC + plush backing

Size200*95mm (accept customized)
Weight125g (accept customized) 
FunctionReduce Eyes fatigue, tiredness and stresses
Storage and use  Ambient temperature-18 ~ 60°C
Sample Lead Time5-7 days
Production Lead Time15-20 days
Packaging Size44*34*23cm
Packaging Details1pcs/ PVC box,120pcs/carton
Delivery TimeBulk production within 30 days after 30% deposit prepaid
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