Cooling Eye Mask with Gel Beads

Cooling Eye Mask with Gel Beads

Product Features: Item: Relaxing gel Mask/hot Gel mask/Gel Eye Pads/Gel Patch Material: Eco-friendly PVC + gel Size and Logo : Customized Color :Any Pantone color or multi-colors can be customized. OEM/ODM: Yes Sample : 3-5days for Customized size and logo MOQ:1000pcs. Description: 1) Benefits...

Product Details

Product Features:

Item: Cooling Eye Mask with Gel Beads

Material: Eco-friendly PVC + gel bead

Size and Logo : Customized

Color :customized.

This cooling eye mask is made with soft PVC material and flexible gel beads. It is non-toxic to the human body and has no side effects. The scientific formula allows the bag to be flexible and maintains a soft feel even after storage for a long time in a -18℃ environment. It is suitable for both hot and cold use. It is mainly used for physical cold physiotherapy to relieve eye fatigue. 

Cold compress method:

Place the eye mask in the refrigerator for precooling. After 1 hour, take it out for use. When in emergency, it can be placed in the refrigerator freezer for precooling.

Hot compress method:

1. Immerse the eye mask in boiling hot water for about 4-6 minutes

2. Place the eye mask in a container filled with hot water and place it in a microwave oven and heat it in medium heat for about 1 minute.


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