Reusable Hand Warmer

Reusable Hand Warmer

Reusable Magic Heat Pack With Click Plate

Product Details


1.Instantly hot.
2.Reusable.(instant hot pack only)
3. Non-toxic.
4. Non-caustic.
5. No pollution.
6. Disposable
7. Eco-friendly.
9. Daily life using.
10. Easy operation.
11. Convenient to carry.
12. High hot capacity, effective personal care.
13. Biological material by high-tech process.
14. Widely used safely without contamination.
15. Safe for baby&children&old people&food,meal,etc.
16. Outgoing&camping be funnier and multiple  choices. 


Usages and cautions
1.Click the metal plate in the Hot Pack 2 -3 times and the gel starts to crystallize. 
2. Till the liquid becomes the solid, pressing the liquid slightly and let it  diffuse homogeneously, then the Hot Pack heats up to a comfortable
temperature of around 55°C (130° F). 
3. You can get this comfortable warmth temp for about 30-60 mins
Put whenever you need a heat.

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