PVC hand heater

PVC hand heater

Product Name: PVC hand heater
Size: Customized
Material: PVC+ sodium acetate liquid+ metal plate
Printing: Silk screen printing according to customer's design
Packing: Each pc in polybag or customized

Product Details

PVC hand heater can be used as a hand warmer. You can put it in gloves, gloves and boots. Ideal for outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hunting and fishing. A must-have gel pack for first aid, essential for home, school, office or clinical use.

Whether it's a hand warmer used as a pocket on a cold winter day or a warm compression for overworked muscle soreness, PVC hand heater provides fast, convenient warmth in a microwave in just a few seconds. 

These innovative PVC hand heaters keep their temperatures longer than traditional packaging. Less gel means a lightweight, low-profile package that includes enough gel to maximize coverage and flexibility. PVC hand heater provides safe natural relief for physical illnesses such as arthritis pain, arthritis, sprains, cramps or bruises. 


* Simple to use, non-corrosive.

* The bag remains soft even at -18 °C.

* Reusable, non-toxic beads, lead and BPA free

* Suitable for family, outdoor, camping, sports injuries, muscle pain, body aches, etc.


1. Hot compress: put the heater into microwave oven to be warmed for 100 seconds for each time, and for 60 seconds when be used continuously.

2. Purpose: alleviate rheumatic pain, neural pain, sciatica, vertebral pain, recover mucous membrane scar after surgery.

3. Precaution:

In order to avoid a too low or a too high temperature, it should be better to enwrap the cold/hot bag with a towel or cotton cloth to begin with.


Product Name:PVC hand heater



PVC+ sodium acetate liquid+ metal plate

Printing: Silk screen printing according to customer's design
Packing: Each pc in polybag or customized
M.O.Q: 1,000 pcs 
Factory location:Dongguan city, Guangdong Province
Product Origin:China(Mainland)
Payment Terms:T/T  /  L/C  /  Western Union
Sampling Lead Time:5~7 days
Production Lead Time:Around 15~20 days



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