Characteristics of food packaging market dilemma

- Mar 29, 2017 -

The so-called food preservation, is to keep the original flavor of fresh food. For cooked food, is to keep the cooked food in the production of the freshness of the day. Traditional packaging and storage can only solve the problem of food quality, and can not keep the food fresh.

At present, the Chinese market on the various types of packaging different flavors, taste and characteristics of cooked food more and more, both traditional and modern, but in order to extend the shelf life of food, in addition to pickled, dried and other forms of cooked food, most Using a sterilization and vacuum packaging, and some even add preservative additives. In this way, so that a lot of unique flavor of food, become similar taste, lost the original features, but also a serious blow to consumer confidence in the consumer, misleading the consumer awareness of the characteristics of food.

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