Electric warm handbags safe use

- May 24, 2018 -

What is a hand warmer?

Hand Warmer is an automatic warming health product developed using physical and chemical principles. This product is popular with its unique and novel advantages such as automatic heat production, interesting and practical. Hand warmer has many functions such as automatic heating, physical therapy and health care. Hand warmer can be roughly divided into three types: one is the use of heated water to heat, which is what we commonly call a hot water bottle, unlike the traditional hot water bottle, electric hot water bottle saves the trouble of adding water, just plug in the power, etc. 10 minutes will be able to heat, in fact is to boil the water inside, so the general temperature will be high. One is the chemical reaction to fever. The warm baby on the market is this type. The heat generated by the contact of chemical substances inside is about 40°C. The other is the use of lithium battery function, internal heating plate heating, using the USB interface charge and discharge, and hand warmer like mouse pad, because the lithium battery can charge and discharge function, generally can also be used as a mobile power supply. Small size, easy to carry around, the temperature can reach about 50 °C.

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Second, hand warmers work principle

1, hard solid warm hand Po (electricity cake) Working principle: The filling is insulation cotton, with dual temperature-controlled electric energy storage structure, and gradually release heat energy. It is equipped with automatic overheating protection device and automatic heat preservation indicator device, a small electric furnace controlled by PTC thermistor switch, PTC is a thermistor with positive temperature coefficient. When the current passes through, it will generate heat. (The heat of the electric furnace will also be transmitted to it. When the temperature reaches a certain value, its resistance increases sharply and can be regarded as disconnection. Therefore, the thermal treasure stops the consumption of electric energy at this time. After that, the heat insulation of the electric furnace is slowly released by the insulation cotton.

2, soft liquid hand warmer Po (electric heating Po) Working principle: In the solid electric heating cake based on the improved, using electrode heating method, high quality temperature control and thermal fuse dual temperature control insurance. Under normal circumstances, when the liquid temperature in the bag reaches 65 degrees, the thermostat will automatically cut off the circuit and stop heating. Once the thermostat control fails, the thermal fuse cuts off the power and terminates the heating. Replace the new product. Please do not try to repair it. Features: rapid heating, one-time water injection, permanent use, unique explosion-proof ironing device, temperature control protection; long service life; lasting insulation and other advantages.

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