Environmental protection bags did not fundamentally solve the pollution problem

- Mar 29, 2017 -

In recent years, due to environmental protection bags as advertising media products, the entry for businesses is lower, more cost-effective investment, get more and more business blue eyes. A large number of cheap ultra-thin non-woven bags, green bags took the opportunity to flood the market, some of the pursuit of fashion, false environmentalist manufacturers need to reduce the low-cost non-woven bags, green shopping bags quality. Vicious circle, led the vicious competition in the environmental protection bag industry, non-woven bags, environmentally friendly shopping bags gradually lost the need for reincarnation of the use of high-quality requests, low prices, low prices so that consumers get more no longer environmentally friendly Of non-woven bags, like thin plastic bags are no longer treasured, casually abandoned.

In fact, the strict sense of the non-woven bags is not a green bag, but also plastic products; its load-bearing, strength are not individual plastic bags, the potential crisis is greater than plastic bags, plastic bags more waste than oil resources; Bags, the main material is polypropylene, compared to polyethylene bags made of plastic bags, relatively easy to degrade, is relatively environmentally friendly; but non-woven bags are still plastic chemical products; according to the thickness of a similar size of the Spinning bags consume more resources than plastic bags, and only chemical products, it will produce infection.

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