Fundamentally solve the plastic bag pollution is the development of alternative products

- Mar 29, 2017 -

Plastic bags to bring environmental pollution problems have been plaguing us, but there is no effective solution, most of the current policy adopted by many countries is to use plastic bags to limit the use of plastic bags, although this policy to a certain extent, reduced Plastic bags caused by pollution, but can not fundamentally solve the problem, or make the total amount of plastic waste increased year by year

The widespread use of plastic bags in life is the increasing pressure on the environment, so far has been difficult to control, in recent years has not been a suitable alternative, even the Western developed countries can not effectively solve. Although countries have promulgated banned plastic orders, but this is not the solution after all. Although the ban on plastic to play a certain containment, but in a sense it has suppressed the production and development, this will directly affect the staff income. And this is not just a few small plastic bag manufacturers suffered a small problem of loss, it affects all aspects of our lives. It seems that the relationship between the two seems to be incompatible. Ban plastic should be the size of the situation, the balance between the interests of enterprises in the development of seeking opportunities in the exploration of steady progress.

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