hot compress

- May 25, 2018 -

The heat source can be hot towel, hot water bottle, therapeutic equipment with heating effect, hot compress medicine and medical equipment, etc. The traditional Chinese medicine hot compress method combines the dual effects of drugs and heat and has obvious curative effect, and is a commonly used hyperthermia method in clinical practice.


Hot compresses have the effect of dilating blood vessels, improving local blood circulation, and promoting local metabolism, which is beneficial to the recovery of diseases. Hot compress itself can also relieve muscle cramps, relieve pain, detumescence, promote inflammation and absorption of blood stasis, drug heat can also make drugs through local absorption, achieve the purpose of direct access to the disease, make treatment more direct and more effective。

Applicable symptoms:

Chronic inflammation and pain (no redness or fever in the affected area), such as chronic neck and neck pain, chronic degenerative knee arthritis, muscle fatigue, or spasm.


Do not use overheated temperatures or lie on warm water bags. People with heart disease and high blood pressure should consult a doctor or physiotherapist before using hot compresses in the left shoulder and neck. During the period of hot compress, if the condition is intensified or there is discomfort, stop immediately and consult the medical staff.


People with acute inflammation, dermatitis, thrombophlebitis, peripheral vascular disease, wounds, freshly healed skin, excessive pain or swelling, loss of ability to discriminate between heat and cold (eg partial diabetes) cannot understand the indicator ( For example, people with severe Alzheimer's disease should not use it.

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