In fact the vest bag is mainly used in the application

- Mar 29, 2017-

1, the most common is the major farmers market

Farmers market is the most common use of vest bags and the most common use of all kinds of vest bags have all kinds of influx of farmers in each place market, farmers market is also a lot of unqualified plastic bags of the distribution of the market confusion All kinds of unqualified ultra-thin vest cans, all businesses because of ultra-thin vest cheap cheap use, consumers also because of ultra-thin vest free and happy to spend, I believe that with the national environmental protection and security awareness, Thin vest bag slowly replaced

2, do the common is some of the convenience store community

In the convenience store bag, the frequency is generally used to the high, the quality of the bag is also higher, and the supermarket store is almost the same, there are patterns and text, more large-scale convenience store bag level will be higher.

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