Insulation test of cooler bag

- Oct 09, 2018 -

Insulation test: Put the freshly cooked food in the insulated bag at 8:00 in the morning, and tighten the zipper to save it, then go out to work, and put it in the place where there is no wind. Around 12 o'clock, open the lunch and eat lunch, or warm, want to eat directly! For those of us who work, it is especially suitable for companies that do not have microwave ovens. Because it is the direct effect of testing the insulation package, there is no warmth protection outside the lunch box, which is directly placed in the insulation bag. If you can put cotton clothing and other items in the bag, you can enhance the insulation effect! (related to outdoor temperature).

Note: On the day of the test, another identical meal was taken, not placed in the insulated bag. After the same time, placed in the same position, the meat in the lunch box was frozen and the soup was cold and temperature-free.

Cold insulation test: use with ice packs, the ice packs are placed flat in the refrigerator or freezer, frozen and frozen, placed in a heat preservation bag, placed on top or side of food, beverage, fruit and other items, and the zipper can be tightened. After about 6 hours, the ice pack was completely dissolved, and the food and drinks in the bag were like the temperature just taken out of the refrigerator (related to indoor and outdoor temperatures).

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