Introduction of FDA

- Jul 02, 2018-

Currently, FDA-approved products such as foods, medicines, cosmetics, and medical devices are recognized globally as products that are effective for the human body and ensure safety, and are the highest standards in the world for the quality and effectiveness of products.

The FDA is affiliated with the Public Health Service of the Department of Health and Human Services of the United States Department of State. It is responsible for the administration of all relevant food, medicine, cosmetics and radiological instruments in the United States. It is also the nation's earliest consumer protection agency. The FDA not only collects and tests 80,000 samples of products manufactured or imported in the United States, but also dispatches thousands of inspectors each year to overseas 15,000 factories to confirm whether their activities conform to the United States. by law.

Since 1990, the FDA has worked closely with international organizations such as the ISO organization to continuously promote a series of innovative measures. Especially in the fields of food and medicine, FDA certification has become the highest testing standard for food and medicine in the world. It is recognized by the World Health Organization as the highest food safety standard. Only the declared products will be monitored at 143 key test points after the use of the human body. 2-3 million people will continue to be monitored for 3-7 years. FDA certification will be issued only after passing through qualified products.

Therefore, many international manufacturers are pursuing the FDA certification as the highest honor and guarantee of product quality.

The FDA's international free sales license is not only the highest level of certification in the US FDA certification, but also the highest passing certification for foods and drugs approved by the World Trade Organization (WTO), and is the only one that must be fully approved by the US FDA and the World Trade Organization. Certificate. Once this certification is obtained, the product will be able to smoothly enter any WTO member country. Even the marketing model will not be allowed to intervene.

The FDA has an enormous impact in the United States and around the world, and is known as the "American health patron." Drug dealers and food manufacturers all over the world love and fear it. Its credibility and professionalism have won the trust of many experts and the general public. Its rigorous testing and evaluation have provided good protection and also caused many drug dealers. And the food vendor's criticism, accused it of shackling innovation, is the biggest obstacle to people's access to special drugs, and lobbying Congress to cut FDA's authority, but this practice does not affect the sacred guardianship and fulfillment of FDA's mission and duties. Today, the FDA has become the King Kong Shield in the hearts of consumers and consumers around the world.

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