introduction of ice gel mask

- Jun 15, 2017 -

The gel mask can be used as a hot and cold treatment. The cold treatment is more popular, as it targets more desired areas. For example, cold treatments relieve puffy eyes and dark circles beneath the eyes, the number one reason people turn to gel masks. When cold, it also relieves sinuses during allergy season. If you have a sinus headache, a 20 minute nap with the gel mask over your eyes does a remarkable job of relieving pain.

When used hot, gel masks can help relieve the redness and swelling after you wax your eyebrows. They're also good for congestion relief. Although both hot and cold gel masks are used to aid in sleep (due to the darkness), hot gel masks create a more soothing touch for a good night's rest.

For a cold treatment, you can stick the gel mask in a freezer for roughly two hours until cool. For warmth, certain gel masks can be placed in a microwave. Always read the instructions before use. 


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