Paper and plastic packaging should pay attention to the problem

- Mar 29, 2017 -

When a single instrument is packaged, it is necessary to select the appropriate paper and plastic packaging material. The weapon should pay attention to the small plastic sheet and then put it in the paper and plastic package to prevent the bag from piercing during the transportation process. When the equipment is packaged, the remaining space of the sealing is slightly larger, and the article is 3 to 5 cm away from the seal. It is easy to prevent the paper and plastic packaging from wrinkling when sealed. To be sterilized items on the pot, the need to use stainless steel basket costumes, side stand, if the plastic surface flat up may make the water above the plastic surface; plastic surface and plastic surface can not be directly in contact.

Select the temperature of 150 ~ 180 ℃ in the sealing machine, the temperature debugging at 180 ℃, plastic strip width of 2 cm, the use of double seal to ensure the tightness of sealing and anti-tension.

Pick and place, hand flat to hold the paper layer, check the packaging do not squeeze, there is no damage to the resistance can be prohibited to package up, hand drag, etc., to prevent the paper side of the blow, the use of paper Method of inspection of packaging materials. After sterilization, check the color discoloration and sealing the situation, pay attention to the paper layer of moisture-proof weapon puncture. When used to check whether the damage, if damaged is strictly prohibited.

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