Polymer water absorbing resin

- Jul 10, 2018 -

The polymer water absorbing resin is a new type of polymer material, which has a high water absorption function capable of absorbing several hundred times higher than itself, and is referred to as SAP in English. It has excellent water retention effect, and once it is swelled into a hydrocolloid, it is difficult to separate the moisture even if it is pressurized. The polymer water absorbing resin is a functional polymer material with a large amount of hydrophilic groups.

Polymer water-absorbent resins are widely used in the fields of life and production. It has a wide range of applications in agriculture, forestry, water conservation, physiological sanitation, and construction.

First, the application in agriculture: polymer water-absorbing resin used in agriculture, also known as water retention agent and soil amendment. It mainly includes two parts, potassium salt and sodium salt. Most of the potassium salt type is used nowadays, because the sodium salt product is easy to make the soil compact, and the potassium salt is suitable for providing potassium salt to crops and does not pollute the soil. Its use methods include seed dressing and partial landfill. The seed dressing method mixes the seed and the water retaining agent and directly buryes it in the soil. It can also be mixed with chemical fertilizers and buried in the soil to fully exert the effect and utilization rate of chemical fertilizers to prevent waste and pollution.

Second, the application in physiological sanitation, mainly used for women's sanitary napkins, children's diapers, medical ice bags, pet mats and so on. Nowadays, sanitary napkins and diapers occupy most of the usage, and the reason is that the polymer water-absorbent resin has a high water absorption speed, a large water absorption amount, and is not easily dispersed after water absorption. Non-toxic does not harm the skin. It can also be made into a carrier that is controlled to control the amount of drug released, the release time, and the release space.

Third, in industrial applications, the application of oil is also called body swelling particles, using it is insoluble in oil, water absorption effect, to achieve the effect of water blocking. The effect of flooding is achieved by the water absorption of the polymer polyacrylamide.

4. The material used for rapid expansion in construction is pure water-absorbing water-absorbing resin, which is mainly used for plugging of dam holes in flood season, water blocking in basements, tunnels and subways; mud solidification for urban sewage treatment and engineering, For excavation and transportation, etc.

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