- Aug 16, 2018-

This is a regulatory proposal involving the safety of chemical production, trade, and use. The regulations are designed to protect human health and environmental safety, maintain and enhance the competitiveness of the EU chemical industry, and develop innovative capabilities for non-toxic and harmless compounds to prevent market fragmentation. Increase the transparency of chemical use, promote non-animal experiments, and pursue sustainable social development. The REACH Directive requires that chemicals imported and produced in Europe must pass a comprehensive set of procedures for registration, assessment, authorization and restriction to better and more easily identify the components of the chemical for the purpose of ensuring environmental and human safety. The directive mainly includes several items such as registration, evaluation, authorization, and restriction. Any commodity must have a registration file listing the chemical composition and explain how the manufacturer uses these chemical compositions and toxicity assessment reports. All information will be entered into a database under construction, managed by the European Chemical Agency, a new EU agency in Helsinki, Finland. The agency will evaluate each file and if it finds that the chemical has an impact on human health or the environment, they may take more stringent measures. Based on the evaluation of several factors, the chemical may be banned or approved before it can be used.

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