reusable hand warmer

- Mar 13, 2018-

Description for Heat Pack:
The hot pad gives an instant heat that is ideal for keeping hands or body warm while travelling, skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting & other outdoor activities in any cold conditions.
It contains water, a stainless steel disc and non-toxic food grade ingredients. This chemical is even edible. It is also used as a food preservative , this means that it's safe for children and pets too .
Easy To Use : Flex disc to activate heat instantly. Temperature will rise up to 55 degrees celsius. Approximate duration of heat is around 30~60 minutes.
Reactivate by gently boiling in water for 5~10 minutes or until crystals are completely liquefied.
Availble in a variety of sizes to meet various demands, smaller pocket-size warmer is designed to fit in the palm of your hands or put it into gloves, boots, wetsuits etc as needed to warm upu hands or feet .  Bigger sizes warmer works perfectly for neck and shoulder, back, waist or leg.   
Multi-purpose on different application, it’s a ideal warming product in winter , and also good for temporary relief from backaches, arthritis, neck and shoulder pain, abdominal cramps, menstrual pain, aching joints and pulled muscles. 
Reusable, portable , customizable and prominent imprint area for your logo , all these highlights make this handy pack a great promotional product.  It will heat up your marketing presence for a seriously low cost, so whether you just need to warm up on a cold day or need to put some heat on an injury, these packs are perfect for the job. They make great promo items for hospitals and rehab clinics.

Personalized order is welcomed at minimum quantity 500 units, customized size / shape / liquid color / packaging etc are welcomed.

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