The advantages of paper and plastic packaging materials

- Mar 29, 2017-

The transparent film of the paper and plastic packaging material is composed of a multi-layer composite film, so that the antibacterial property is good, the storage time is long, and the sealing pressure sealing machine at 150 ~ 180 ℃ and the residence time are tightly sealed; Monitoring, monitoring of bacterial culture, chemical indicator card monitoring, sterilization indicators are up to the requirements.

Good penetration, can make the sterile gas safe penetration, and can discharge the package of cold air, to achieve a thorough sterilization effect; good drainage, weight per square meter 56 ~ 70 g Zhisu packaging materials, the paper Drainage does not cause the formation of condensate after steam sterilization. During the sterilization process of high temperature and humidity, the toughness of the paper is good and does not break.

There are two kinds of chemical discoloration indicators (equivalent to the action of the tape outside the chemical tape), and from the appearance of the different color of the map can clearly distinguish whether this item has been sterilized. Easy to manage, can be directly to the name of the package, sterilization date, validity, operator name, checker name written on paper, eliminating the need to paste the chemical instructions tape and a variety of labels trouble.

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