the benefits of hot compressing your eyes

- Nov 23, 2018-

Materials / Tools:

Towel or gel eye mask

There are many people who have to face the computer all day because of their work. More and more users often feel dry eyes and fatigue. This is typical dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome is caused by many factors. Among the elderly. In recent years, the number of patients with dry eye has increased dramatically, mostly in white-collar workers.

  1. Eye heat can promote blood circulation around the eyes, reduce the symptoms of eye fatigue, increase the temperature of the eyes, and help the absorption of artificial tears. If the dry eye patients can persist, it will greatly help to relieve discomfort, but for the average person. It is said that there is also a certain preventive effect.

  2. Common methods of eye hot compress: cover the eyelids with hot towel, once every 5 to 10 minutes, twice a day. Patients with mild dry eye syndrome will be more obvious because of the symptoms in the afternoon. Usually, doctors recommend applying it once in the afternoon and evening.

  3. In addition to hot eyes every day to prevent dry eyes, eye health should also ensure the intake of vitamins; do not wear contact lenses for a long time; develop good habits, try to maintain adequate sleep, reduce day and night; pay attention to eye hygiene, timing Rest, it is recommended to use the eyes to rest for 10 minutes per hour.

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