The difference between polyester taffeta and oxford cloth

- Aug 02, 2018-

The polyester taffeta is made of polyester or artificial silk. Polyester Taff is a all-dimensional thin fabric, which is woven with polyester filaments. It has a bright appearance and a smooth hand. This kind of cloth is called polyester taffeta, which can be used for fabrics and linings. The specifications are 190T, 210T, 230T, 290T, 300T, etc. After dyeing, printing, embossing, coating and other post-treatment, it has the advantages of light texture, wear-resistant and easy to wash, cheap and good, and has been used in various colors. Taff is used as a lining accessory for all types of clothing and bags. Feel smooth, not sticky, elastic, shiny and glaring, bright and dazzling, not easy to wrinkle, monofilament thickness is uniform, not easy to tear. Ignite the fiber and have other odors.

Oxford cloth is also called oxford, and polyester polyester-cotton blended yarn is interwoven with cotton yarn. It adopts weft-flat or square-level structure. It has the characteristics of easy washing and quick drying, soft hand feeling, good moisture absorption and comfortable wearing. The specifications are 210D, 300D, 420D, 500D, 600D, 1000D and other filaments, elastic oxford cloth, with ordinary and encryption, matting and other products. Oxford cloth fabrics are dyed, printed, coated, PVC or transparent film is the fabric of choice for clothing, bags, tents, shopping bags, awnings.

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