The main components of plastic bags and additives

- Mar 29, 2017-

We live in every day will use all kinds of plastic bags, many people think that the plastic bag is the raw material of plastic, it is not true, the plastic is only a generic material, the real plastic raw materials are a variety of resin mixture, the main raw material is poly Ethylene, and then mixed with a variety of properties of additives, these additives are auxiliary materials, such as plasticizers, fillers, colorants, etc., to a certain extent, change the physical properties of plastic, making the finished plastic bag table is soft and smooth

Polyethylene is chemically a synthetic resin, also known as high molecular polymer, is an organic compound, it is the main body of plastic raw materials, the vast majority of the entire raw materials, its performance is a large part of the impact of plastic properties The key lies. But synthetic resin and plastic are two completely different concepts, remember that can not be mixed together, the plastic itself is a fixed use of processed materials, and synthetic resin is an unprocessed material, which in addition to the ability to produce plastic bags In addition, it can become a paint, synthetic fiber and other raw materials.

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