What are the environmental protection materials

- Jun 27, 2018-

There are several kinds of environment-friendly materials: 

  1. Basic non-toxic and harmless type refers to the fact that the sky itself has no or few toxic and harmful substances, and it has not been contaminated. Only simple processing has been performed. Decoration materials Gypsum, talc, sand, wood, certain days Stones, etc.

  2.  Low-toxicity, low-emissions type refers to the processing, synthesis, and other technical means to control the accumulation of toxic and harmful substances and slow release, because of its slight toxicity, poses a danger to human health. Decorating materials with low formaldehyde emission, up to national standards Daxinban, plywood, fiberboard, etc.

  3.  The current science and technology and detection methods cannot determine and evaluate its toxic substances. Materials Environmentally-friendly latex paints, environmentally-friendly paints, and other chemical synthetic materials Some of the materials are currently non-toxic and harmless. Along with the development of science and technology There will be re-confirmation that the currently popular environmental decorative materials are: 1. Environmentally friendly materials: Various types of porous paving products for planted paving bricks are made of recycled high-density polyethylene 2. Environmentally friendly wall materials: Newly developed types of aerated concrete masonry bricks Woodworking tools for cutting, forming thin mortar, masonry surface with special napped slurry, powdered surface with thermal insulation and energy saving performance 3. Green wall decoration: grass wallpaper, hemp wallpaper, yarn Wall cloth and other products have many functions such as moisturizing, insect repelling, health care, etc. 4. Environmental protection pipe: plastic metal composite pipe inside and outside the two layers of high density polyethylene material between aluminum and both plastic and metal excellent performance and rust pollution-free 5. Environmental protection Paint: Bio-emulsion paint 6. Environmental lighting: save energy and protect the environment. The purpose of the lighting system is to create a comfortable, economical, and beneficial lighting environment through the use of efficient, safe and high quality lighting electrical products through scientific lighting design.

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