what is ice pack

- Dec 12, 2018-

Ice packs are used to hold a variety of foods and keep the temperature and freshness of the food.


1. Cold preservation is generally called ice pack. It can be used as a mobile refrigerator for the preservation of iced drinks and fruits, breast milk/tea/seafood, etc. It is also used for refrigerated transportation of medicines, vaccines and other products.

2, heat preservation is generally used for insulation food, lunch, restaurant delivery and so on.


Fabric: Made of oxford or nylon fabric, strong and wear-resistant; equipped with waterproof rubber sole and anti-slip mat on the bottom.

Construction: The ice pack is an improved mini version of the ice pack. It has a smaller capacity than a traditional ice pack and is usually equipped with a crisper. Independent insulated food compartment, equipped with anti-pressure system, food storage is not squeezed.

Neri: The inside of the food compartment is made of aluminum foil, which is insulated by PE cotton and has a heat preservation function. Environmentally safe, it can be directly in contact with food.


Portable, lightweight and stylish design, the food can be kept warm for a long time, easy to use, suitable for outdoor picnics and daily life (example: can be used for children to carry lunch to school. You can enjoy fresh food at any time, and ensure health.)


1, ice cream and other easily melted food, refer to the recommended storage for 30-60 minutes. It is also recommended that the load should not exceed 3KG.

2, the effect of insulation depends on the changes in the external environment temperature, the amount of content, the height of the original temperature and other changes.

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