Autumn Health Tips

- Sep 07, 2018-


From the summer's indifference to the autumn, it is necessary to grasp the degree of goodness. It is not the more exercise, the better. From the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, autumn is the stage in which the body's essence is in a state of convergence, so the amount of exercise should not be too large. Do not sweat too much to prevent yang loss from excessive sweating. 

Sports should choose projects that are easy and gentle, and have little activity, such as jogging, walking, mountain climbing, tai chi, table tennis, badminton, etc., in a timely manner. This will not lose weight due to sweating, but also can stretch the bones to improve physical fitness. 

The temperature in autumn is falling, and it is often rainy and rainy. In this environment, the body will cause vasoconstriction, and the joint activity will be weakened, which will easily cause damage to muscles, joints and ligaments. Experts remind that before each exercise, you must do a good preparation activity, the length of time and content can vary from person to person, generally should be done with a little fever. The magnitude and intensity of the exercise should be appropriate. Do not force yourself to do some more difficult moves. In addition, the incidence of myocardial infarction in autumn will be significantly improved, the blood pressure of patients with high blood pressure in the fall is often higher than the summer 20 mm Hg, it is easy to cause coronary circulatory disorders. 

Therefore, it is best to drink a cup of boiled water before morning exercise to dilute the blood. When you exercise, you should choose a soothing project to avoid accidents.

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