Best Time To Apply Gel Mask

- Sep 12, 2017-

Best time to apply Gel Mask
When is a Gel Mask better? When is the best time to apply a Gel Mask? Let me tell you something.
1. After bubble bath, pore opens, more can accelerate facial circulation absorbs Gel Mask essence.
2. After the exercise, the metabolism increases quickly, which can accelerate absorption.
3. After a week after the physiological period, the estrogen in the body is secreted with high energy, and the metabolism is fast and the absorption capacity is preferred. This is the most effective application.
4. Before going to bed, after 23 o 'clock, it is the renewal period of the skin cells and a good sleep, which is beneficial to the active substances in the Gel Mask. .
1. Apply the external Gel Mask
A hasty MM may put Gel Mask stand on the face when applying Gel Mask. In fact, the effect is very poor. Apply Gel Mask, should apply the Gel Mask for the center with among the bridge of the nose, by inside and outside the Gel Mask paper smoothing, introduced the air, peripheral parts must be submissive, otherwise easy to turn up well because of the Gel Mask paper drying.
2. Apply lotion lock water
A Gel Mask is not an end. Finally, the emulsion will be applied to form a protective film of grease, which will help us to lock up the moisture and nutrients that the skin has just absorbed.
Apply your face to your neck
The applied Gel Mask still retains a certain amount of nutrients, and the MM can use the spirit to apply it to the neck. Doing so can avoid the problem of increasing skin gaps between the face and neck.
Cover with a towel and heat
If the MM is refrigerated or heated with hot water, it may be possible to destroy the nutritional ingredients of the Gel Mask. The best way to do this is to prepare a dry towel and apply a Gel Mask over the back cover
5. Apply Gel Mask after shower
MM people have the habit of washing a hot bath will apply Gel Mask, it was the best time to apply the Gel Mask oh, when the skin pore is stretched adequately, and the skin hydrated. Also, the MM can wash the face with hot water before applying Gel Mask, the effect is very good.
Beat the bottom with the essence
It is best to use the essence of the gel before applying the Gel Mask, because it can make the essence of the leading Gel Mask and enhance its effect. For example, apply the whitening gel facial mask money can first get the whitening essence liquid, also can take the moisturizing essence and then apply the moisturizing Gel Mask.
7. Get a Gel Mask massage
Actually every time apply the Gel Mask to take down, the face is still left a lot of essence liquid did not absorb. We can gently massage the face, massage for 3 to 5 minutes to help it absorb, the effect can be doubled.
8. Gel Mask bag essence
The MM will notice that there is still some essence in the Gel Mask bag, why not make good use of it. We can use it on our hands and feet to absorb the essence!
The correct way of using Gel Mask
(1) before using the Gel Mask, guangzhou bairichen cosmetic processing factory recommends that you test it and use it, how to test it? Apply a little Gel Mask on your back to feel it, and then wash it in 30 minutes to see if there is any difference. No red itching can be applied to the face.
(2) on the coating Gel Mask before, you need to face makeup removing, and then wash a face to wash a face with milk, when necessary, also can go to the cutin, the absorption of eli Gel Mask, also avoid dirt, dust into the pores.
(3) wash your face and apply the Gel Mask before applying it to the face for three minutes. Then massage for three to five minutes throughout the face, which will improve the effect of applying the face.
(4) when completing the above actions, you can apply some grease to the edges of the eyebrows, hair, eyes, lips and so on, so that you can avoid the Gel Mask sticking to these parts and facilitate cleaning.
(5) apply Gel Mask order should be the neck, chin, cheeks, nose, lips, forehead, respectively is from down to up, need to note that is around the eyes, eyebrows, and on the part of the lower lip is not suitable for coating Gel Mask.
(6) when the Gel Mask is spread over 20 minutes, it can be torn off and slowly torn from the bottom to the top.
(7) apply the Gel Mask and use clean water to clean the residue on the face. If you use a cold towel, you can promote the pores to shrink.
(8) it needs to be explained that the Gel Mask should not be applied too long, and the Gel Mask will gradually dry out over time, which will make the skin shrink and tear off the Gel Mask at a certain time.
(9) the time of applying Gel Mask can be made according to the product description used. The Gel Mask is not suitable for daily application. Use two or three times a month.
(10) homemade natural Gel Mask is easy to lose water and become hard. It is also vulnerable to contamination and breeding bacteria. Therefore, it is not suitable to make too many.

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