Break The Traditional Whitening Lotus Gel Mask Also You Beautiful Skin

- Oct 12, 2017 -

With the improvement of people's living standards, and now the quality of life is getting better and better, women's skin care needs will be higher and higher, will become increasingly harsh, skin care can not be ignored daily details. Speaking of skin care, you have to say under the Gel Mask friends, crush on the requirements of the Gel Mask is getting higher and higher requirements of both moisturizing, but also to the white freckles, but often gathered so many features of the Gel Mask Are expensive. The following skin care up to people to introduce a cheap good Gel Mask, whitening moisturizing water as one of the Gel Mask, take a look at it!
As we all know, the skin make up the water, and then add nutrients and energy, so moisturizing the skin on the follow-up nutrition will be more fully absorbed, the skin is more young and tender. Like dry land, directly sprinkle fertilizer soil is no way to absorb, but the first irrigation water and then sprinkle fertilizer, then the soil is easy to become nutritious fertile. Today, cosmetics OEM Xiaobian and we recommend is that a whitening lotus Gel Mask, this section of the Gel Mask to whitening water for the material, all from natural organic plant extracts, not only did not add hormones, lead and mercury, Fluorescent agents and other harmful chemicals, safe and non-toxic, even pigment, mineral grease are not added, the quality is more secure.
Most importantly, the Gel Mask liquid contains a variety of precious natural plant extracts from lotus, rose, ginseng, water-soluble small molecule nutrients, cells are more likely to absorb, after the use of the face more moist and transparent, and On the whitening, anti-wrinkle has miraculous. Pure plant extracts, safe and non-toxic, whether it is long acne or sensitive skin can be assured use Oh!
Production of silk Gel Mask with eight major advantages:
First, the silk Gel Mask the world's first in the Gel Mask by adding a composite DNA repair agent to accelerate the skin's own natural repair mechanism, so that in the sub-health state of the skin or damaged skin quickly restored and prevent ultraviolet and heavy metal substances. This DNA repair agent is similar to LA MER's cream formula, but it is not expensive.
Second, the first food-grade fish collagen peptide peptide used in the masterpiece of cosmetics, in the vast majority of collagen-containing cosmetics also use cosmetics grade high bone collagen when the silk Gel Mask has used almost extravagant Food-grade micro-collagen peptide formula, the silk collagen gel Gel Mask effect to the extreme state.
Three, 100% natural silk processing, natural silk structure and human skin is very similar, it makes Gel Mask paper extremely affinity skin, gentle and not stimulating, but also to prevent allergic itching;
Fourth, the silk itself contains 18 kinds of amino acids, effectively replenish skin tissue elastin and collagen protein, eliminate facial fine lines, the rapid improvement of skin elasticity, resurrection cells to prevent melanin formation, whitening skin;
 5, silk is the lightest and most gentle in the nature of the most fine natural fibers, can closely fill the skin groove; perfect fit the face contour and not blistering. Mouth, nose and so every inch of skin can be covered with moisture;
Six, silk Gel Mask very light, through, soft, thin, deposited surface by the gravity of small, apply Gel Mask can achieve a transparent effect, not only will not fall, but also to prevent the skin was pulled loose, but also There will be no ordinary non-woven Gel Mask produced by the anti-suction phenomenon. Fumian does not affect the normal activities, save time and convenient;
Seven, silk whitening moisturizing Gel Mask is porous fiber, so absorbent, good penetration, moisture retention is 5-10 times the normal Gel Mask; also with excellent lock water function, can even essence, deep into the skin The inner layer of water, a long time to maintain skin moisturizing sense;
8, a small amount of food-grade collagen can penetrate directly into the dermis, and the affinity of the surrounding tissue is good, to promote the normal growth of skin cells, so that your skin forever smooth, supple, flexible.
Now find a good Gel Mask is not easy, large and small brand flying, for those who want to process, OEM business terms, to find a Kaopu Gel Mask manufacturers is particularly important.

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