Chronic Gastritis Patients Should Not Be Used With Caution Hot Water Bottle

- Mar 29, 2017 -

At the same time that chronic gastritis see the stomach cool or epigastric symptoms of epigastric symptoms aggravated more than eight of the more than described by the above, and the stomach Deficiency confirmed by rare. Of course, grasp the key to accurate dialectics, or is the "view of the pulse card, know what the inverse."

In addition, according to the theory of the motherland medicine, the stomach is more gas and more blood of the organs, the incidence of positive evidence for the positive, therefore, with hot water bottle topical, or in the case of dialectical inaccurate, blindly use some of the spleen and stomach Deficiency Bags, is undoubtedly fuel on fire. At the same time, domestic and foreign studies have shown that the first ice bag followed by hot water bottle placed 10 patients of the abdomen, do endoscopy found that 8 cases of ice bags when the gastric mucosa color turned white, hot water bag when the gastric mucosa was hyperemia, with the test method As we have stated above. Therefore, patients with chronic gastritis should not be used with caution hot water bottle, including some health care bags, should be selected under the guidance of the use of physicians.

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