Code For Routine Maintenance Of Cooler Bag

- Aug 01, 2017-

Code for routine maintenance of Cooler Bag
Here are some of our maintenance measures for everyone:
1, should be clear inside the tower residue, to ensure that the tower water quality does not contain grease and other turbidity, otherwise, to configure the use of water treatment purification equipment.
2, the long-term use of the Cooler Bag, should be cut off the power, release the belt, row net tower residual water, while the protective cover should be added to prevent stolen goods into the sun and rain, leading to the aging tower.
3, the cold effect of Cooler Bag by the cooling water, water temperature, the local weather, the impact of the environment, should pay attention to the above parameters change the daily record of work.
4, Cooler Bag in operation, there should be someone management, found that the problem should be promptly find out the reasons for the timely elimination.
  How the Cooler Bag works: The Cooler Bag is a device that utilizes the contact of water and air to disperse the waste heat generated in industrial or refrigerated air conditioning by evaporation. The basic principle is: dry (low enthalpy) of the air through the fan after the tic, from the air into the air into the Cooler Bag; saturated steam partial pressure of high temperature water molecules to low pressure air flow, hot and humid (high enthalpy) The water self-sowing system spilled into the tower. When the water droplets and air contact, on the one hand because of the air and not the direct heat transfer, on the other hand due to the water vapor surface and the air between the pressure difference, the role of pressure in the evaporation phenomenon, to take the current latent heat, The heat in the water that is evaporated to heat transfer, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling.

   Cooler Bag work process: round countercurrent Cooler Bag work as an example: hot water from the engine room through a pump to a certain pressure through the pipeline, horizontal throat, throat throat, the central throat will be circulating water pressure to the Cooler Bag sowing system , Through the sinking of the holes in the water pipe evenly spread on the filler above; dry low value of the air in the role of the fan from the bottom of the wind into the tower into the tower, the hot water flows through the filler surface to form a water film And the air for heat exchange, high humidity high value of the hot wind from the top out, cooling water droplets into the bottom basin, the water pipe into the host. Under normal circumstances, into the tower of the air, is the temperature of dry low-damp ball air, water and air between the obvious presence of the concentration of water molecules and kinetic energy difference, when the fan is running, the tower under the action of static pressure, Water molecules continue to evaporate into the air, become water vapor molecules, the remaining water molecules will reduce the average kinetic energy, so that the temperature of circulating water. From the above analysis we can see that the evaporation temperature is lower than or equal to the temperature of the air (usually the dry bulb temperature), and the water temperature is reduced as long as the water molecules evaporate continuously into the air. However, the evaporation of water into the air will not proceed indefinitely. When the air in contact with water is not saturated, the water molecules continue to evaporate in the air, but when the air on the contact surface of the air reaches saturation, the water molecules do not evaporate, but in a dynamic equilibrium. The amount of water molecules that are evaporated is equal to the amount of water molecules that are returned from the air to the water and the water temperature remains constant. It can be seen that the more dry air contact with water, the easier the evaporation, the water temperature is easy to reduce.

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