Count The South Korea Super-fire Several Hydrogel Mask

- Jun 01, 2017-

 Gel Mask nventory of South Korea super-fire several hydrogel mask on Korea's hydrogel mask crazy long grass, let the friends studying in Korea to me to collect a small wave of good reputation. Each brand of hydrogel series of mask into a box, one by one have tried again and again today, nothing to do, write a feedback to the bell of water gel mask sister paper do reference

On the It's Skin this brand of things without a sense of this mask is a crazy like Ni Kun Ouba's sister paper recommended to me. (Always feel that male celebrity endorsement skin care brand goddess ⊙ ﹏ ⊙) Well, then said serious things. Golden packaging is really bright!


And many hydrogel mask, the mask is also divided into three layers, both upper and lower layers are protective layer, the middle of the glial layer is mask paste. Essence of the liquid content is also just good, apply to the face will not drop everywhere. The selling point of this mask is probably 29400mg (concentration of 21%) of the spiral snail secretion. Snail's secretions contain cartilage ingredients, to prevent skin aging, to maintain the skin elasticity of the cell wall moisture metabolism to promote the absorption of nutrients, scars, acne and other complex skin repair treatment are helpful.

Gel Mask About 20 minutes to take down, do not wash, the feeling of desalination of pimples in India did have some effect, but it will not be so stunning that, do not consider repurchase.

Mask House is South Korea's cosmetics industry, another dark horse, professional mask made, "South Korea mask experts," the title, the brand a few years ago in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore hit, and now the universal Taobao also sold. Last year to Hong Kong in Wanning bought it home pure sheep fetal essence, used in the eye and kiehls oily fruit cream moisturizing effect of almost ~


Its home water gel mask is the use of TCD infiltration technology (Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery), to ensure that the essence of high absorption rate. This snail moisturizes the main additive of the water mask is Chilean snailin, hyaluronic acid, cactus extract.

Mask material in the visual than it's skin to a lot of transparency, deposited in the face also feel thin and breathable. After the application is not sticky feeling, the mask will be thinner, the principle is the body temperature induction essence into the deep skin. Applause is amazing that this mask deposited a finished, moisturizing effect can last three or four days, for me this oil skin, too touching!

Nature republic this Korean brand seems to have signed a rain, jarah do the spokesman after the fire, but also take the natural route ~ last year it has a good big alley algae in the domestic super hot, but there are many bad street fake goods.

Gel Mask Say back to the hydrogel mask, containing 1000mg snail mucus, with the water sounds like cattle break off the way, is from Madagascar's unique resurrection of grass juice extract MD502 water, said the living grass is rich in collagen, can make Damage to the skin quickly restored, thus repair pock a few smallpox in India.


After running out, in fact, there is no very special feeling, but the next morning when the wash, and found signs of shrinkage smaller pores, pox on the chin also desalination, as its advertised other features, I have not felt ~

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