Design Ideas For Sensitive Skin Cooler Bag

- Jun 16, 2017 -

Design ideas for sensitive skin Cooler Bag

First, sensitive and skin allergies

Usually in the cooling bag industry, said the "sensitive skin" and the medical profession called "skin allergy" is different. Sensitivity is not equal to allergies. Physician said allergic skin in fact refers to patients suffering from allergic contact dermatitis, and sensitive skin is only considered easy to stimulate the skin. Sensitive skin people are allergic to skin allergies are more sensitive to the skin. Saint Leia Xiaobian told you that although the difference between the two are closely linked.

Cooler Bag Sensitive skin performance If the climate change, the face will be more small red spots, some itching and some dry feeling, some sensitive because of the genetic relationship, congenital skin allergies to specific ingredients, such as metal, dust , Fruit, etc., in the skin contact, will make the skin produce adverse reactions, such as small rash, small red spots, local redness and so on. Such a sensitive phenomenon will not disappear, you can avoid the way is to find the culprit of allergies, skin care, to use no spices, non-irritating products. Some sensitive because the skin cortex is very thin, you can see the face of the microvascular, when the skin surface thinning, the stratum corneum is also very thin, so the skin water function deterioration, moisture is not easy to lock, the skin is more dry, Skin on the outside of the stimulating effect of the defense worse, and prone to itching redness and other symptoms. In the skin care, pay attention to pay, keep fresh, calm the skin, to avoid skin temperature.

Sensitive skin skin is very thin, very small pores, skin inelastic, complexion white, although the appearance looks white and tender, but very sensitive. This is derived from the genetic skin, sensitive to spices, many Cooler Bag can not be used. When the skin encountered wind and sun, friction, airtight material, alcohol, perfume and so will make the sensitive situation is more serious.

Cooler Bag The skin is very sensitive, must pay attention to special maintenance.

Sensitive skin is prone to allergies. Allergic skin must test the allergen to know in the end what substances are caused by allergies, and then prescribed by the physician prescription treatment. Allergic reactions refer to the abnormal response of the human body to the antigenic substance. The general performance of skin allergies are: dry, itching, redness, pimples, pigmentation and so on. It is different from the normal immune response, not only can not afford to protect, on the contrary due to excessive reaction caused by physiological dysfunction and tissue damage.

Whether from the pharmacological or toxicological point of view are safe, no stimulation. In the extraction process to make full use of advanced production technology and biological means, the product has to promote the skin's metabolism, excellent anti-allergy, against ultraviolet light, keep skin moisture and anti-aging effect.

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