Electric Hot Water Bottle Listed Double Plug Hot, Electric Water Bag Production

- Mar 29, 2017-

Yesterday, the reporter visited the PARKnSHOP, China Resources Vanguard, Trust-Mart and Hongcheng and other large supermarket chains, found that electric hot water bottles and other winter heating supplies arranged in rows on the shelves, and in a German wholesale market, a variety of brands Of the hot water bottle is also placed by businesses to the store outside the prominent position. Reporters observed that this year has just launched a number of hot water bag compared to previous years, many styles, patterns and colors have a lot of options, the price is similar to last year, from more than 20 to 40 yuan range. Among them, the surface attached to a suede fabric "double plug" electric hot water bottle to become this year's hot style, is to buy Miss Li told reporters, "the handle into the inside, the palm of your hand is hot water bottle, the back is suede, warm and more ""

Reporters learned from the supermarket staff, this batch of electric water bag is launched nearly a week, the current purchase of people is not particularly large. A German road stores have said that every winter, electric hot water bottles, scarves and gloves and other winter warm supplies are particularly hot, so half a month ago they prepared the goods, but because the temperature has been high in Guangzhou, electric hot water bottle Business is relatively cold, the last two days of cold air struck before the business.

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