Electric Hot Water Bottle To Buy Three Elements

- Mar 29, 2017 -

1, look at the fabric: the current market of electric water bag fabric mainly PVC material, mercerized cloth materials and flannel material several: PVC material feel hard, easy to aging, solid in general, after heating, are low-end materials; mercerized cloth Material feel soft, high strength, hot after ironing is moderate, belong to the end of the end; flannel material feel comfortable, not hot after heating, solid good, is the best quality fabric.

2, see note: first of all to take a look at the electric hot water bag of the box there is no company name, site and contact telephone and other related information, but also to see whether the product has 3CCC certification, inspection certificate, if found no or fuzzy Clear, it is likely to belong to the cottage products, there are security problems, must not buy.

3, look at the charging line: the thickness of the charging line is the more thick the better, as the big point of the current security is also guaranteed. The length should be moderate, otherwise the impact of charging, you will feel very inconvenient in the use of the process. Also look at the plug of the power contact to have a certain thickness, too thin to prove poor quality, not safe.

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