Environmental Protection Packing Box Promote The Wholesale Market

- Nov 03, 2017-

Environmental protection Packing Box promote the wholesale market
As we all know, the wholesale Packing Box in the wholesale market is used in a large amount and is not well managed. As a result, the poor quality thin bags have become overrun, causing considerable damage to the market environment and the entire ecological environment. Now people are gradually aware of the hazards of Packing Box, in addition to shopping malls Supermarket Box began to adopt, many wholesale markets are also followed up. Compared to previous years, the market for inferior Packing Box gradually reduced, replaced by biodegradable bags. Although the price of eco bags is higher, it does not matter to gain people's understanding. According to a market stallholder Mr. Wang said that the previous thin bag with more than the quality is not solid, serious waste, and now the quality of eco-friendly bags, you can save consumption, in comparison, also about the same. More importantly, Environmental Protection Packing Box is the trend, we all gradually recognized, then why continue to use ordinary Packing Box?
Believe this is a good start, should be vigorously publicized. How many wholesale markets in the country consume more Packing Box per day? This number should be hundreds of millions of dollars. Only a comprehensive implementation of the Environmental Protection Packing Box strategy can fundamentally improve the "white pollution." In addition, Packing Box manufacturers, to continue to improve production technology, start from the source, to ensure product quality; for the public is concerned, we must also continue to promote environmental awareness and improve people's environmental awareness. The packing box pollution problem can be effectively improved only after a few hours of implementation.
 The first Packing Box production of lightweight, because now the domestic Packing Box production more and more favored lightweight materials, and almost every Packing Box packaging are in the shape and structure are very stressed this point, Box Manufacturing Lightweight packaging can also continue to maintain the performance and function of the original packaging, which is a very important test for the production technology of lightweight packaging materials.
The second is the plastic film made of energy, because in recent years this Packing Box produced energetic film strong, this film was significantly stronger than the traditional packaging materials, at the same time, this Packing Box produced film More functional and promote the more rapid development of the energy film market, in such a fast-growing market, more and more companies have joined the production of functional films.
Third, Packing Box production process based plastic. Because domestic and foreign oil is a non-renewable resource, production of biodegradable materials, reducing the consumption of petrochemical resources has gradually become the consensus of all countries in the world, Packing Box plastic material-based technology developed very rapidly, more and more The more Packing Box is used in the field of domestic packaging.
Mainly because of these Packing Box in the production process, its printing using a different material. So if you use the material is relatively poor, there will be fuzzy situation occurs. In fact, we are in the process of Packing Box printing, its material, there should be special requirements. The requirements of this material, not only because of printing materials, but also for the material of the Packing Box itself needs to be understood. In fact, we will find that if we are in the process of buying products, the above printing is very poor, then they do not go to buy, they will think it's product quality will certainly be relatively poor.
 So when we make the purchase, we will choose the product quality is relatively good. Even if its price is relatively high, then they are willing to buy it. Therefore, if we want to carry out Packing Box production, its printing process requirements are very strict. In order to ensure that the latter part of their sales, the customer during the purchase process, think it's better material, product quality is relatively high. Even if the price may be relatively high a little bit, but also willing to buy this product. After all, it looks more beautiful, when their own product sales, loaded items are also more good-looking.

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