For You To Decrypt The Gel Mask Market Opportunities Where?

- Aug 10, 2017-

For you to decrypt the Gel Mask market opportunities where?
With the development of Gel Mask, the market also appeared a lot of problems, more and more intense competition, a lot of Gel Mask brand beaten badly beaten, can be described as caught in the cracks, and some even failed, then the future Where is the Gel Mask market? How to identify the market, improve the market share of Gel Mask it? As a 20 years of experience in the development of the Gel Mask processing plant this Shengmei that mainly from three aspects.
1, the development of various forms of Gel Mask on the situation
Paste Gel Mask market share is still the largest, but its growth rate has been declining for three consecutive years, but some new forms of Gel Mask has maintained a rapid growth, such as tear-type Gel Mask year on year Or up to 86%, mud-shaped Gel Mask rose 42% year on year. At the same time as rapid growth, these forms of Gel Mask sales market share is not low, reaching 2.5% and 4.7%. This shows that consumer demand for Gel Mask morphology is more and more diversified. So as to accurately grasp the consumer trends, will be able to seize the market.
2, the consumer preferences of the Gel Mask changes
Consumers for the demand for Gel Mask function on the obvious progress, from the basic care to the skin repair and even deeper care. Data show that partial base whitening, moisturizing market share is still the largest, but the growth rate is limited, while the partial repair of the soothing functional growth rate reached 43%; with pore management (cleaning / compact) function of the Gel Mask The growth rate reached more than 30%; also have to repair the effect of soothing and pore cleaning Gel Mask, the growth rate is reached 55%; other with the repair of the soothing or pore management function of the Gel Mask also appeared in a certain range of growth The From this change point of view, identify consumers for different efficacy of the preferred direction of the Gel Mask, the brand development of the product positioning is of great significance.
3, the consumer preferences for the price
  At present the Gel Mask industry price competition is very intense, businesses continue to discount through the concession to promote the transaction, but from the consumer price trend of pay attention to the point of view, low prices may not be the most popular consumer.
  We compare the various types of Gel Mask in the price section of the number of shelves and the number of products traded, summed up the highest proportion of the number of transactions accounted for the price segment for the popular price segment, the number of transactions accounted for a significant proportion of the price of more than the shelf For relatively less competitive potential price segment. For example, patch-type pay Gel Mask hot section in the 3-7 yuan, but the potential price segment in the 5-9 yuan.
Sensitive machine to come, the oil Jun came, sticky greasy feeling, this time to save you only the Gel Mask, Gel Mask is a magical thing, both to solve the spring and autumn of the sensitive, but also to solve the summer Oil sticky, better able to solve the dry winter. So, the same from the Gel Mask processing plant in the processing of the Gel Mask, why you did not effect it?
  Perhaps your concept is wrong, and now there are many women do not trust the Gel Mask, Guangzhou this Shengmei Gel Mask processing plant to tell you that it is your own excuse for lazy, this Shengmei can be sure Tell you, the reason why so, it is because you do not use the Gel Mask, even with the Gel Mask is certainly not used a good Gel Mask, we all know the right medicine is the most important, the same Gel Mask , To choose the right Gel Mask for your skin problems. Many of the Gel Mask in the market is really dazzling, according to the different functions of the Gel Mask, not only the price is not the same, to bring the face of different feelings is different, so be careful to choose Oh!
We all know that many girls in Japan, very early maintenance, so the Japanese skin is very good, so you have to wait until their age is too large and then maintenance is finished, then the skin must be used better Gel Mask, May not necessarily have a good effect. So skin care as early as possible, Gel Mask and ultimately.

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