Gift Packing Box Two Breakthrough Direction!

- Sep 22, 2017-

Gift Packing Box two breakthrough direction!
In the seventies and eighties at the time of the prevailing industrial technology is basically to let the plastic raw materials occupied the entire paper Packing Box manufacturers of raw material selection, because at that time the value of the use of plastic peak, one to make the cost is not very convenient To his really very easy to handle and design there is not as good thermal conductivity, chemical stability and insulation are more prominent advantages of plastic, with these advantages they dominated the gift box factory raw material market for more than a century , From 1907 just appeared to later due to the decline of environmental problems this hundred years is really to the paper packaging industry has brought a heavy blow, but also with the plastic products of the era of decline in paper packaging from his hands took The banner has become a lot of packaging plant of the new raw materials of the main force, but also successfully accounted for the vast majority of gift box market share, so that gift box Packing Box to meet today's people need one of the raw materials, while gift box Packing Box Breaking the shackles, but also constantly in the technical design to seek a breakthrough, hope that "paper packaging era" to fully take Formerly "Plastic Packaging era."
How can the manufacturer of the Gift Box Packing Box be able to replace the plastic manufacturer?
First, the improvement in the processing technology
We are packing paper box is far easier than the plastic box degradation, but the paper Packing Box production process than the plastic production process than the environmental pollution, because in the early use of the gift box Packing Box inkjet technology raw materials and machine processing After the discharge of waste will affect the environmental health, so our country once the paper processing industry as the focus of environmental pollution control object, but over time, many paper processors have been introduced or to find the Breakthrough technology, so that the problem of environmental pollution dropped to a minimum, than in early 2000 when the time has been greatly improved, the pollution problem is no longer serious, I believe that in the future time our paper processing industry will have better Technology Breakthrough Solves the Ink Pollution Problem of Gift Box Packing Box.
Second, the need for further development in the processing characteristics
Gift box Packing Box design is the biggest limit to the manufacturer or factory equipment specifications, if the plant's equipment does not meet the requirements of customers, can not do that kind of specifications (too large or too small) the customer will go People seeking better and more sophisticated manufacturers, resulting in the loss of customers, but in the plastics industry, because of his own characteristics of plastic problems, he applies to the vast majority of manufacturers equipment specifications, and adjust the flexibility of stronger, so compared to If the paper packaging industry can not do it but the plastic industry can do it, the paper packaging industry where competitive at all?
According to incomplete data statistics, about 63% of consumers will be determined because of the packaging into the point of stay and consumption, from the side to reflect the packaging of the product competitiveness and added value has a significant ability, an experienced season Business decision makers will pick some sophisticated paper Packing Box manufacturers or qualified fame more influential packaging manufacturers to tailor their own goods suitable for the "jacket", so that their products more attractive to consumers attention, with The traditional concept of consumption and the concept of change in the past, the traditional iron, plastic or other metal materials, paper Packing Box has gradually out of the stage of history, in turn, replaced by the paper material paper Packing Box, the change The process is how is it?
In the production process on the previous iron, plastic material paper Packing Box is simple and his adaptability than the paper to adapt to stronger, can be used for more process processing up, which also let the paper Packing Box caught in a very Embarrassing situation, with the progress of science and technology and our country's technological breakthroughs and improve, regardless of the processing methods, or the types of technology are gradually numerous, and the paper's raw materials processing also appeared more and more special Paper, which greatly improves the paper Packing Box in the paper Packing Box industry's competitiveness.

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