Heating Supplies To Use Improper Risks To Warm More To Be Safe

- Mar 29, 2017 -

Recently for some time, we are not only out there will be heavy winter clothes out to wear, scarves hat masks Qi out at home or units also put a variety of heating supplies out. Can not properly use the habit, will make the heater into a wounding "hot potato". Reporters through the experiment found that infrared reflex heater (commonly known as "small sun") 5 minutes will be able to cover the paper towels on it, electric water in the bedding in the 5 hours can still keep 50 ℃, warm baby one night Cooked eggs.

Heating equipment sales popular

Recently, the market sales of heating equipment all the way popular, and the network on the heating equipment is also increasingly busy discussion. Some friends drying their home heating equipment: bed covered with electric blanket, the table put on the "little sun", the living room stood the oil Ting, the bathroom to open Yuba, hand cold Chuaizhuo warm water bag, go out also Do not forget to last warm baby.

However, do warm measures at the same time, but also be careful not to heat but burn themselves. "I heard that the warm baby will burn the skin, did not believe, but did not think I warm the baby's place really a little pain." "In the news, some warm water bag will blow up when the charge, but also the girl burned. Microblogging, worry about the safety of household heaters posts everywhere.

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