How Many Processes Are Processed In The Gel Mask?

- Aug 22, 2017 -

How many processes are processed in the Gel Mask?

We say that layer is attached to the face of the Gel Mask every day, so that a layer of film in the end is how to build out? Which are the criteria, a good or bad Gel Mask in the end what elements to decide?

To this end, we specifically sneaked into a Gel Mask production plant, for the pro who expose the secret of the industry, so that pro to see this Zhang Gel Mask in the end is how to make it.

To understand the Gel Mask production process, we must first talk about the Gel Mask skin care principle problem - Gel Mask in the end is how the role of the.

In fact, the principle is not too difficult, in fact, through the closure of the Gel Mask to cover his face; when the pores of the skin was forced to slowly open, water and essential nutrients slowly penetrate into the skin of the stratum corneum, horny Layer of cells in the humid environment to absorb water and nutrition, so that the skin becomes soft and healthy.

In other words, simply put the pores, so that nutrients have channels into.

At the same time, the Gel Mask also has a certain cleaning effect, the skin and Gel Mask for a long time in a humid closed environment in close contact, pore expansion, is conducive to the pores of contaminated external dust, chemical contaminants and microorganisms removed. The same is also conducive to the exclusion of epidermal cell metabolism and the accumulation of excessive accumulation of fat and oil substances.

Or simply the words of words, is to cover their pores, so that there are channels of garbage out.

Can cover the pores means that the Gel Mask to have a good fit; the same time, in order to allow the skin to absorb more nutrients, but also need to Gel Mask material on the essence of a good load capacity.

In the words of industry insiders, in fact, the overall production of Gel Mask and not too high technical requirements, in fact, in the processing plant to do a good film cloth, mix the essence of the liquid together to seal the two can be Come out and sell it.

Although the technical staff with the play like, there are a lot of technical specifications, seemingly simple things which often have a lot of mystery.

The plant is very important

And all the same cosmetics, Gel Mask processing is also very focused on the environment, after all, is used in people's things, and nutrition is so rich in products to ensure that the environment is very important health. Gel Mask must be in the GMP standard factory production, a variety of disinfection, a variety of health control means do not have to repeat, and here only to give a typical example:

All GMP standard plants require a laminar flow environment with a layer of millions, 100,000 and 10,000 levels. This level parameter refers to the number of particles in the 1 cubic meter of space in this environment (gray layer, bacterial spores, etc.) ), The smaller the level means that the environment more clean, such as million laminar flow means that this environment in 1 cubic meter of air up to only 10,000 particles, the general Gel Mask processing are using millions of laminar flow or 10 Million laminar flow.

In addition to processing environment, the GMP standard in the storage, transportation and other aspects have strict requirements, said the day and night can not finish.

Film cloth material is very important

Having finished the production environment, naturally talk about the most important part of the Gel Mask, Gel Mask material selection.

Just said gel film film cloth to have a good fit and the essence of the carrying capacity of the film, all of which are linked with the choice of film cloth, where we first talk about the degree of fit.

Here that the degree of fit does not mean that the Gel Mask cut fine, able to cover the whole face, this is too shallow, for example, the concept of Jun's colleague Xiao Yi Jun big face plate with a Gel Mask is Never covered. Here refers to the degree of fit refers to the degree of microscopic contact with the skin surface.

We all know that the Gel Mask is to be able to cover the pores of the skin, and our skin has a lot of detailed texture, like the surface of the gully gully, good film has a very delicate fiber material, you can Directly embedded in the texture of the skin, to ensure the degree of fit of the skin. And ordinary film cloth fiber will be relatively large, deep degree will be much worse, which is decided to a Gel Mask level standards.

Currently on the market more common Gel Mask material from coarse to subdivided into non-woven fabrics, silk & tencel and bio-fiber Gel Mask three kinds of fiber is the most delicate biological fiber, fiber diameter can be 20 nanometers below What is this concept? A hair is 1000 times larger than the fiber of the biofiber Gel Mask. While the traditional non-woven Gel Mask fiber is about 100 times larger than the biofiber Gel Mask.

From the degree of carrying the essence, the biofiber Gel Mask carrying capacity is much better than ordinary non-woven fabrics, can absorb more water at the same time, but also to keep the moisture longer.

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