How To Build Jewelry Packing Box?

- Sep 12, 2017 -

How to build jewelry Packing Box?

Every good jewelry Packing Box has a soul, and the Packing Box is its coat, and the well-dressed jewelry Packing Box is like an elf, appealing to consumers. The packaging factory tells you, how does a good packaging depend on how to conquer its target consumers, improve the sales force?

1. Insert the identity of the target consumer into the package.

Consumers buy jewelry often by their own image or identity, and when the Packing Box can reflect their image or identity, consumers will have an impulse to buy.

2. Reflect the interests of consumers.

Instant noodles need to be a perfect display of soft noodles and delicious seasonings to create an appetite. The packaging specifications of jewelry should be in an upscale atmosphere, and the Packing Box should be beautifully printed. Otherwise, there will be no light on the face of gifts and recipients, which will not show the generosity of the giver.

3, let the jewelry "jump" on the display rack.

Jewelry terminal salesmen often say that they want their products to "jump" in the same kind of jewelry, which expresses the sales staff's desire for jewelry Packing Box to be first attracted to consumers. Generally speaking, the attention of consumers on product from turned to intentionally state, has no intention of state if consumers can be the first in a lot of jewelry to be noticed, and generate goodwill, consumers to buy the opportunity will be much bigger.

Since ancient times, the Chinese people have embraced the gift of reciprocity, so the gift Packing Box will naturally be indispensable, The Times are developing and the concept is changing, so what will the future development trend of Packing Box make?

First, sustainability

The 21st century is a century of environmental protection, and people are working on new packaging materials and environmentally friendly design methods to reduce the environmental problems caused by packaging solid waste. Innovation on packaging materials: used for heat insulation, shockproof, shockproof and perishable pulp molding packaging materials; In the design, we try to reduce the materials that are not easy to decompose in the later stages, and try to use the materials with light weight, small volume, crushing or crushing, and easy to be separated.

Second, safety

A company to develop a name "pieces" of the drugs Packing Box, the Packing Box by tangent to open the Packing Box moduli, open cartons need certain strength, the open means for adults is easy, but there is a great difficulty for children, thus effectively avoid the mistake by children, eating. Once the Packing Box is opened, it is very difficult to restore, and therefore, to a certain extent, it ACTS as an anti-theft, which is a combination of protection and theft.

Third, personalization

Personalized packaging design is a design method that involves a wide range of influences, whether it is to the enterprise image, the product itself or the social effect. The shape of packaging image and performance to the natural and lively humanized, organic modelling development, the packaging personality quality, unique style to attract consumers. When Packing Box is designed, it is necessary to think systematically and analyze the actual situation in different angles and positions to establish and understand the factors that should be considered.

Fourth, anti-counterfeiting

The rapid development of modern science and technology, the general packaging anti-counterfeiting technology has no effect on the counterfeiters. Enhancing the visual effect of Packing Box design and strengthening packaging and printing industry technology have become a powerful weapon in the action of anti-counterfeit rights. Packing Box design integration of innovative methods and high and new technology combining the printing industry, scientific and technological achievements to pursue the penetrating original original and unique visual effect is another direction for the sustainable development of packaging industry in the future.

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