Methods of Buy Gel Mask

- Jul 19, 2017-

The Gel Mask is not recommended to use the Gel Mask to exercise or to the computer and TV. In addition, many Internet users share their own Gel Masks on the Internet, using a Gel Mask to recycle their necks or hands. This kind of smart skin care is not. After metabolism, the secretions will be contaminated with the Gel Mask. If it is used in other areas, it may cause secondary pollution of the skin.

Apply Gel Mask every day to pay attention to choose refreshing type

The skin has certain absorption ability range, so expert does not recommend daily use Gel Mask. In general, Gel Masks use less than three times a week. If the Gel Mask is keen to contact the Gel Mask every day, you should pay attention to the Gel Mask with high oil and grease, and try to use the Gel Mask with high air permeability.

Similarly, when choosing a sleeping Gel Mask, you should pay attention to the oil content and air permeability of the Gel Mask.

Is there any problem with homemade Gel Mask?

At present, there are many homemade Gel Masks, such as milk Gel Mask, honey Gel Mask and pearl powder Gel Mask. For this, experts say, it is not recommended to make a homemade Gel Mask, because of the possible microbial contamination of the homemade Gel Mask and the safety of the ingredients, such as irritation or sensitization. If you want to use a homemade Gel Mask, use a clean, warm, hot towel and use moisturizer immediately.

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