How To Choose A Hot Water Bottle Tips

- Mar 29, 2017-

Reporters readily picked up one of the price of 40 yuan for the electric water bag. Saw the product outside the box printed with "explosion", "environmental protection" words, and marked "the product by the xxx insurance company underwriting." The back is very detailed to write instructions, precautions. But the reporter searched the entire box, did not see some of the quality certificate or warranty period and other words. "Some people will see this, as long as the election expensive to buy, the quality will be guaranteed." Some stores said that customers in the purchase, most of the attention to the appearance of the product work and fabrics, do not ask the internal structure. As for what is the electrode type electric water bag, what is the electric wire type electric water bag, they are also asked three do not know.

Subsequently, the reporter arrived in Ninghai Century Lianhua Jinchang shop, found that the shape of the electric water bottle is more concise, more complete types, nearly 30 varieties. The price is higher, between 30 yuan to 85 yuan, and product packaging on the quality certificate and other signs. "We are from the regular manufacturers into the goods, electric water bag has a one-year warranty period, if the quality problems can be exchanged at any time." Century Lianhua staff Chen Guorong said.

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