How To Clean The Hot Water Bottle?

- Mar 29, 2017 -

You can use the detergent hot water bottle, the amount of detergent into the water, and then use a toothbrush or not very rough little brush a piece of slowly brush, brush to dirt, the water and then brush it again, wash the detergent , And finally with a hair dryer on the line.

Do not dirty wet cloth

If only a little dirty, you can use a soft cloth to scrub hot water bottle.

How to clean the hot water bottle? Hot water bottle is generally can be cleaned, need to follow the instructions to the specific operation.

It is worth mentioning that: some warm water bag power interface where there is a closed lid, cover to avoid cleaning with water here; no lid, directly with the portable power interface, please help with a flexible brush brush on the line The. Must remember that can not be too hard, can not wet the power office.

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