How To Identify The Quality Of Plastic Bag

- Aug 01, 2017 -

How to identify the quality of Plastic Bag
Plastic Bag is a macromolecular polymer resin as the basic ingredients, and then add some of the properties used to improve the performance of the various additives made of polymer materials. Plastic Bag products in the manufacturing process to add the stabilizer, Plastic Bagizer, coloring agent and other additives exceeded the standard with a certain degree of toxicity. Food packaging commonly used Plastic Bag PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene) and PET (polyester), because the process of using less additives, the resin itself is relatively stable, their safety is very high. In fact, safe and reliable Plastic Bag products, the human body is basically harmless. Experts also remind consumers to buy food with Plastic Bag products, if there is no QS logo absolutely can not buy, these products are not quality verification is likely to bring health problems to consumers. The same time as
In the purchase of Plastic Bag and Plastic Bag packaging, the use of hope, smell, ask, cut the method of identification of food safety of food products. Look, the first to pay attention to the name of the goods, in order to identify its use and use, not indiscriminate use, so as not to cause accidents; followed by the commodity label to see if there is a QS logo, which is contact with food Plastic Bag products, national standard certification, observation Products, the passing of goods will never appear poor translucent or spots, aerosols, bubbles and other issues. Smell, if there is a strong Plastic Bag taste, that the container is not suitable for food preservation, there may be fail or poor quality products, quality of food products should not have any smell. Asked, if the main role for loading food, it should be particularly careful to the sales staff to understand the use of Plastic Bag products, whether it can be used for food preservation. Finally, cut, carefully touch the Plastic Bag container, if the Plastic Bag openings appear burr, are failing products.
Some individual processing households for the benefit of the benefits and reduce costs, will be recycled to the waste drums, jugs and even infusion pipes, pesticide cans and other products as a whole to create Plastic Bag food bags, into a ton of harmful recycled Plastic Bag food bags continue to flow into the Market, to bring health risks to consumers. Experts believe that, in view of many recycled Plastic Bag food bags have flowed into the market, Moreover, illegal production and marketing in some areas still exist, to remind people to strengthen the identification, there are three ways to refer to: First, the Plastic Bag into the water, if sink to the water, that is Renewable materials to do, if floating on the water, is the new material to do; Second, the recycled material to do the Plastic Bag has an unpleasant smell, the new material to do the smell of Plastic Bag are weak or no smell; Plastic Bag toughness is poor, the new material to do the Plastic Bag toughness is relatively good.
In daily life, our every family with Plastic Bag, Plastic Bag containers and other food has been commonplace, in the store on the rugged shelves, placed in Plastic Bag packaging food everywhere. We all know that the Plastic Bag used to pack and contain food should be non-toxic. Sometimes people do not attach importance to this problem, casually picked up a Plastic Bag used to install food, not knowing that this is harmful to the body. Because these Plastic Bag in the manufacturing process by adding a Plastic Bagizer dibutyl phthalate and dioctyl phthalate and so are toxic, add the stabilizer lead stearate is also toxic. Coupled with the lead salt is easy to precipitate, once into the human body will have a collection of the role of a long time people poisoning, so the use of Plastic Bag products packaging and in full bloom food to use a special food bags, boxes,

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