New Material

- Jun 29, 2018 -

Special metal functional materials. Actively promote the development and implementation of key standards such as high-purity metals and targets, rare precious metals, energy storage materials, new semiconductor materials, new-generation amorphous materials, and fine alloys, and develop and publish functional materials such as rare earth permanent magnets and luminescence. Standards, pay close attention to the development of material performance testing, composition analysis, standard samples and other basic and method standards. Completed 40 key new material standards for catalytic materials, targets, etc., and formulated 80 key standards development plans, and conducted 5 key standards pre-studies.

High-end metal structural materials. Focus on the development of high temperature alloys and corrosion resistant alloys, corrosion resistant steels, special stainless steels, tooling steels, bearing steels, gear steels, rail transit aluminum alloys, specialty magnesium alloys and titanium alloys, and other product standards, to further improve the ultrasonic flaw detection of metal materials, non-destructive Testing, mechanical testing and other supporting basic and method standards. Completed 30 key new materials standard revisions such as steel for nuclear power, corrosion-resistant alloys, and titanium alloys, and proposed 40 key standards development plans.

Advanced polymer materials. Formulate a number of key product standards such as butyl rubber and other specialty rubbers and special additives, engineering plastics and products such as polyamides, battery separators, optical functional films, special separation membranes and modules, environment-friendly coatings, and functional chemicals. Completion of measurement methods, general technical conditions, application specifications and other supporting standards. Completed 65 key new materials standards revisions in functional films, special rubber, etc., and proposed 110 key standards development plans.

New inorganic non-metallic materials. Focus on the development of electro-optical ceramics, piezoelectric ceramics, silicon carbide ceramics and other advanced ceramics, glass-ceramics, high-purity quartz glass and special raw materials, scintillation crystals, laser crystals and other product standards, to accelerate the progress of material impurity detection, test methods and other supporting standards , strengthen the development of supporting standards. We completed the work on the revision of 50 key new material standards in the fields of special glass and silicon nitride ceramic materials, proposed 30 key standards development plans, and conducted 5 key standards pre-studies.

High-performance composite materials. Formulate and improve high-performance fiber standards such as carbon fiber and basalt fiber, speed up the formulation and release of relevant standards for fiber-reinforced composite materials, actively develop standards for resin-based and ceramic-based composite materials, and study standards for composite material classification, performance testing standards, and special raw material standards. standard. The company completed the development and revision of 10 key new material standards such as high-end glass-reinforced fibers, proposed 30 key standards development plans, and conducted 10 standard pre-studies.

Cutting-edge new materials. Promptly carry out standard pre-research work in frontier areas, coordinate and optimize key technical indicators, and focus on nano-powder materials, graphene, superconducting materials and raw materials, biological materials and products, and smart materials, and complete the development of five key new material standards. Work, propose 10 key standards development plans, carry out 30 standard pre-studies, closely follow the development trend of international new material technology standards, and make standard layouts in advance.

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