New Trends In Packing Box Design And Production

- Jul 10, 2017-

New trends in Packing Box design and production

Since the 1960 s, Packing Box materials and Packing Box machines in constant development and evolution, the packing box to promote sales of the modern vehicle, all goods become very pursuit of Packing Box design effect, promote the development of the Packing Box production industry. In the 7080 s, the recycling of Packing Box concept arises at the historic moment, Japanese tea box Packing Box design and production industry firstly advocated by the "suitable Packing Box" Packing Box design to the design concept of the "light, thin, small". The idea gradually affected the global Packing Box design and production industry, until today when choosing Packing Box production of raw materials, design suitable packing size, still become the target of Packing Box design.

By the 1990s, new technological developments have also led to a new order in the market. As the ratio of circulation increases, so does the environmental load. Environmental protectionism has become a global focus, and the design of Packing Box has been put on a thick "environmentalism". The Packing Box design of Europe first proposed "green environmentalism", such as "green food", "green Packing Box design" the voice of increasing. In order to avoid packing box may bring human brings negative effect, and saving natural resources and reduce resource consumption, Packing Box the developed countries for a change of policy, take corresponding measures. If the Packing Box meets the requirements of reducing materials (4R: Reduce); Increase the large container Refill quantity (Refill); Recycle (Recycle); Recover energy. The generation of these corresponding policies also led to the new trend of Packing Box design and production in the future.

When human beings have entered the 21st century, the new trend of modern gift Packing Box design and production has been pointing in the direction of global environmental protection principle, at the same time, more and more emphasis on functional and rationality to the emotional and humanized. From the time of industrialization to the new information age, emotional lack of communication will be an important issue. Therefore, Packing Box design should not only adapt to the basic functionality, but also from the comfort of coordination of psychological and physiological, striving for people and objects of the integration of human - machine - environment system of balanced and consistent. Pay attention to the packing structure, color, text, graphics, and its layout form factors of visual communication affinity relationships with consumers, so that people get the intimacy of the physical and mental pleasure, Packing Box this is the inevitable trend of modern Packing Box design.

Packing Box production and design and consumption psychology

Whether a product can have good word of mouth and good sales results must be tested by the market. In the process of marketing activities, box to assume a vital role, the image of the Packing Box design and production of special language to communicate with consumers, it can promote the success of the sales can also lead to failure. With the continuous development of China market economy and perfect, my company's consumers gradually become more mature and rational, sales market gradually appeared has the characteristics of the "buyer's market", which not only increase the difficulty in selling products, and also makes the Packing Box design and artificial met with new challenges, driving box packing must grasp the public's consumption of psychological needs, more scientific and rational, to a more high-level development direction.

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