Packing Box Market Demand Situation

- Oct 23, 2017-

Packing Box Market demand situation
In recent years, with the increasing competition in commercial competition, the commercial market demand for the Packing Box is also growing, more and more enterprises began to use the product outside the Packing Box to improve the company's visibility, so the market for Packing Box The demand is also growing, such as cosmetics Packing Box, gift Packing Box, watch Box and so on.
What is the demand for the Packing Box? The market on the "wedding candy Packing Box" the number of demand, according to incomplete statistics, China has more than 10 million new registered every year to marry, if the average couple every wedding to buy about 500 yuan candy, the country each year 60-70 Billion candy consumption, and this consumption is still increasing year by year. Of course, wedding box Packing Box is not a must, nor is it a high frequency of fast-selling products, but it reflects the market demand for wedding candy Packing Box is quite large. And fast consumer goods, not to mention, relative to the wedding candy Packing Box demand is even greater. Each household is indispensable, the most important thing is that its replacement frequency is very high.
Modern people no longer pay attention to the product itself, more care about is the product Packing Box whether the design novel, creative, whether the brand can express the meaning, whether to reflect the personality and grade.
This has a new level of demand for the creative design of the Packing Box and the Packing Box printing. At present, the Packing Box on the shopping malls is divided into raw materials: paper, plastic, metal, fibrous materials, glass and ceramics, and some novel composites, which greatly satisfy the diversity requirements of Packing Box. But in many of the Packing Box, paper Packing Box accounted for the largest share of shopping malls, the most important reason is that fit the "green packaging" needs, "green packaging" also known as "pollution-free packaging" and "Friends of the Environment package".
Green packaging planning concept has two meanings: First, to protect the environment, the second is to save resources both complement each other, inseparable. Its primary demand for packaging is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, followed by the need for packaging materials can be recycled to meet the needs of sustainable development. Well known, because the paper has easy to recover the use of natural differentiation can be excellent features, is recognized as green packaging materials.
Therefore, the packaging of paper products is internationally recognized green packaging planning, and the management of plastic environmental pollution can play an active alternative to the effect.
Packing Box packaging in many cases is a product of the packaging, very attention. So it is required to be beautiful and meticulous, to meet people's aesthetic. It depends on the color design and deployment, attached to the graphics, the text of the connotation should also be shown.
The most important thing is the color of the Packing Box package. Hue is the color of the screen configuration has the general tendency, the total mood, is a group of colors of the main colors, and in the whole picture of the absolute advantage of the printing technology. Packaging requirements in the long-distance shelves from the moment of the visual highlights, to convey the goods information, which requires a strong sense of the overall color to meet the printing market.
Therefore, the key to packaging color design is the color design equipment supplies. The tonal design requirements are consistent with the main functions of the product. Tone design requirements and the times, with different regions, different ethnic groups Packing Box color of the joy of unity, to be able to adapt to this change, conform to the trend of the times.
In addition, is the Packing Box color contrast and against each other. Two pairs of the top of the color is called contrasting color, the hue difference between the largest, leaving a clear, strong contrast feeling printing tools. Color only by contrast, in order to correctly express the image of the printing Union.

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