Plastic Bag And Paper Bags Which Are More Environmentally Friendly

- Sep 22, 2017-

Plastic Bag and paper bags which are more environmentally friendly
  Environmental issues have been the mainstream of contemporary society, then the Plastic Bag and paper bags who are more environmentally friendly? Plastic Bag manufacturers through the life cycle assessment method to evaluate the next two environmental protection. This approach not only considers the harm to the environment caused by the post-processing of a product, but it is more convincing to consider the environmental burden arising from the entire life cycle of raw material collection, production, transportation, use and disposal.
    Plastic Bag and paper bags The life cycle of two products is: plastic from the beginning of the exploitation of crude oil, paper is from the beginning of logging, through the manufacture of products, use, and then part of the use of renewable recycling, until the last pollution-free incineration process.
    The Plastic Bag manufacturer attaches the results of two different versions of the analysis. Table 1 results show that the same capacity in the case, the paper bag energy consumption is PE bag 1.5 to 2 times (with the increase in the regeneration rate, the two energy consumption gap decreases). PE shopping bags in the amount of solid waste generated and emissions, but also lower than the paper shopping bags. Paper bags in the regeneration cycle will discharge more sewage, which is the main reason for the increase in paper environmental load. These results indicate that the polyethylene Plastic Bag are less environmentally friendly than paper bags.
    So if from this point of view, Plastic Bag are indeed more environmentally friendly than paper bags.
    Of course, the following friends say the problem is the truth, so now a more appropriate solution is to develop research and promote the lower cost of degradable Plastic Bag.
    Plastic Bag manufacturers in a similar way can be found contrary to the conventional concept of the more environmentally friendly items and plastic lunch boxes than the paper lunch box environmental protection, the Earth a little light out of the candle caused by environmental problems more than an hour out of the benefits brought lights, Use of disposable chopsticks may be more environmentally friendly (ordinary chopsticks need to wash, detergent, labor costs, etc., but the disposable chopsticks health problems do exist), some international big to do "green shopping bags" on the environmental burden is much more than usual Plastic Bag and so on.
Plastic Bag manufacturers talk about the use of Plastic Bag ripening banana. Can be about 5 kg of bananas into Plastic Bag, and then into a bowl or cup, filled with dry sand or ashes, with fine 10, half of the broken, inserted into the sand of the container, Pocket can be.
Plastic Bag manufacturer tells the Plastic Bag to store sea cucumber. Sea cucumber sun dry, into the double non-toxic Plastic Bag, tie the bag, hanging in a dry place, summer exposure several times, so keep the sea cucumber will not deteriorate for a long time.
Plastic Bag keep fresh rice. Rice into the composite plastic food bag, the bag of air squeezed out, close to the place where the rice tied with a rope pocket, can prevent the rice damp moldy.
Plastic Bag manufacturers about Plastic Bag fresh jujube: the end of the spring, the red dates of exposure to a few days, the salt fried cool, a layer of red dates a layer of salt into the Plastic Bag or cylinder, sealed, jujube can be safe summer The Fresh leeks into Plastic Bag, placed in a cool and ventilated place, can be kept fresh within 3 days.
 Cut the Plastic Bag into a number of strips, the tape can be cut according to your wishes cut into the width you want, under normal circumstances, cut into an inch (about 2.5 cm) thick enough to fit the wallet. Plastic Bag manufacturers all the tape are affixed to the effect of good, ready for the back weaving. Repeat the above two steps, did not insert a woven belt to be compacted. Repeat the second step, all the same length of the tape are pasted on the edge of the table or other square solid edge.
    With the same material, hand rub a length of the appropriate fine belt, used to do the wallet handle. Start knitting the ribbon with your favorite color and put it in the first tape. Plastic Bag manufacturers design your wallet length, according to your own wishes, if you want a long point, then use a transparent tape to paste the Plastic Bag tape until you satisfied with the length of the date, it is recommended not too short, because later folded The length may be insufficient.
Weave the second tape, pay attention to cross and color changes, so that we weave out the wallet color is more brilliant. Will just do a good job with a strong glue fixed on the braid, I do red and blue, is not a bit of the French flag taste it The weaving process is completed and the length is checked. Plastic Bag manufacturers with scissors to the edge of the strip is too long cut off, and then wrapped with a strong tape to the edge.

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