Plastic Bag Of Environmental Issues

- Jul 01, 2017-

Plastic Bag of environmental issues
   Most of the plastic in the natural difficult to break down, incineration will also bring air pollution problems, so made of Plastic Bag of plastic is also the case, and therefore the times magazine named "50 worst inventions", Plastic Bag are also on the list , This is because the consequences of human selfishly discarded Plastic Bag. In particular, Plastic Bag are widely used, so environmental groups are concerned about Plastic Bag. The current reduction in the use of Plastic Bag is one of the ways to reduce the environmental impact of Plastic Bag. For example, environmental protection organizations in Hong Kong have held Plastic Bag on a regular basis since 2006 to encourage the public to reduce their use. On 7 July 2009, Bag environmental levy to reduce the use of Plastic Bag; there are countries to collect Plastic Bag tax to achieve a reduction in the use of Plastic Bag. In addition, Plastic Bag have also been replaced with bags made of environmentally friendly [1] other materials, such as paper bags, green shopping bags, and Plastic Bag made of biodegradable plastics. But the cost of the material than Plastic Bag, so most of the place is still the main use of Plastic Bag.
 Currently on the market sales and use of non-environmental bags, the vast majority of small businesses or family workshops around the production, a considerable number of recycled plastic products, the use of garbage collection picking of waste plastics, industrial waste and medical institutions discarded plastic Garbage collection processing, without disinfection, the private processing of food bags into their own market. With the development of the economy, to the supermarket shopping has become an indispensable part of modern life, and people have long been accustomed to the supermarket free of non-environmental protection bags. Non-green bags, although the public to bring a lot of convenience, but on the other hand has caused pollution to the environment, some non-green bags can not be used to install food, which will have no harm to human health can not be underestimated.
  Disposable Plastic Bag contain a variety of viruses, bacteria and carcinogens, which, talcum powder will eat more calcium deposition, resulting in human organ stones; in a disposable plastic bag into the hot food is extremely easy to lead lead poisoning. Recycled Plastic Bag also contain a large number of serious violations of the naked eye can not see the bacteria and carcinogens. Health experts said that disposable plastic products contain a variety of people will damage people's liver and kidney, there may interfere with human endocrine, resulting in decreased fertility and male female phenomenon. In addition, the abandonment of plastic products such as sticky pollutants, will become mosquitoes and bacteria to survive, breeding the breeding ground, endangering human health.
1, summer, white vest wear a long time wash is not clean. You can wash the white vest first wash with a wash of water, then soap or detergent gently rub a rub. After cleaning, then hit the soap or detergent gently rub it, no longer rinse, into the plastic bag, and tie a good mouth, in the sun drying 1 hour. And then remove the scrub clean, you can make it white as ever.
2, Plastic Bag storage chestnut. Chestnut is packed in a plastic bag and placed in a well ventilated, well-maintained basement. Temperature above 10 ℃, the plastic bag to open; the temperature below 10 ℃, the plastic bag tightly preserved. Initially every 7 to 10 days flip once, 1 month, the number of flip can be appropriately reduced.
3, winter can be used non-toxic Plastic Bag storage cabbage. When the temperature is above 0 ℃, the plastic bag can be used to cover the cabbage from the upper part, do not Zhakou, root poke on the ground that is, when the temperature is too high, can.

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