Plastic Bag To Do To Adhere To The Two Principles

- Aug 22, 2017-

Plastic Bag to do to adhere to the two principles

Now a lot of companies will customize their own logo Plastic Bag, Plastic Bag in the production process is one of the very important steps. In the whole process of printing, we must adhere to the two aspects of the principle, so as to really ensure the smooth completion of the printing work. In the end when we print, need to select the two principles are what?

On the one hand, when the plastic bag printing to protect the fade does not fade. Some places may be printing technology, but after their printing, there has been a very serious fade. Fade, so that the use of people is very unfavorable. Targeted to do a better understanding and understanding, and better use, so that you can really protect the future use. Some products in the use of time fade. Fade the situation, so that people use Plastic Bag is very unfavorable

On the other hand, Plastic Bag are kept clear and shiny. Some manufacturers in the printing process, ink improper deployment will lead to the pattern is not clear enough, it is easy for future sales and use of the impact. In the whole process of printing, the pattern to keep clear. Fine is very critical, once we ignore this situation, then it is difficult to play the role of publicity.

So, in the plastic bag custom printing time, we must ensure that the pattern is clear, and there will be no color problems. When we can from these two aspects are comprehensive protection, the future in the use of the process to be able to harvest better results. Some people may not have a good understanding of the situation, so after the plastic bag printing found a variety of problems, which not only caused a huge waste of material, but also for us will cause a variety of problems

Plastic Bag because of its special functionality, in many areas have appeared in their shadow. For example, we are very familiar with the product, basically every day to see even the use of Plastic Bag advertising bags, as well as baby with urine is not wet, using a hydrophilic plastic bag. In addition to these commonly used products, PP Plastic Bag still occupy half of the textile industry, Plastic Bag of pillow covers, pillowcases, Plastic Bag of the quilt, sheets, etc., too numerous to mention.

 Because of the large number of Plastic Bag, there are roughly dozens of industrial use, agriculture, and medicine and so on. Today's plastic bag factory has been to the fashion, personality, environmental protection and other new areas, and has become a sign of the market darling. Plastic Bag show its strong momentum of development.

Plastic Bag are developed in the past ten years, a new type of man-made fabric products, the advantage is that its high degree of degradation, that is, environmental indicators are better, so it has been widely recognized and used, while medical use of Plastic Bag Basically as a one-time use of the existence of the items, the use of very convenient, and safe and sanitary, can be very effective to achieve the effective inhibition of bacteria.

Any thing has its own life, Plastic Bag, of course, no exception.Personal bags in the use of a period of time after the rupture, or use a long time will be corrupt is not durable, then this should be how to deal with Plastic Bag? In fact, a little understanding of the Plastic Bag of people know how to deal with, Plastic Bag are made of degradable materials, so you can use soil buried method to speed up its degradation, or can also be sold as garbage.

    I now mainly introduce, for what is not very powerful damage to the plastic bag should be how to deal with? In fact, the use of Plastic Bag is still relatively wide, for the damaged Plastic Bag can be classified according to the degree of damage, different damage degree of treatment is not the same.For example, some damaged Plastic Bag can not be used to transport these vegetables Large things, or can also be used to hold some garbage, etc. For some of the more serious damage to the plastic bag can be cut with scissors,

Clean can be used to dry things, can also be used as a sofa and some other furniture dust cloth, but for those who have been corrupt, can not be used, had to deal with it to make it faster degradation.

    In fact, a lot of things, even if it lost its original value, but it will also lead to a new use of the value of people need to send

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