Reusable Ice Pack

- Mar 13, 2018-

The bio-ice packs are gel-like at room temperature, and can be used after being completely frozen in a freezer for about 6-12 hours. According to the use of the way to design ancillary products to use.

1, biological vaccine refrigeration: the vaccine is a microorganism belonging to save at 2-8 ° c constant temperature environment in order to ensure its viability and effectiveness, the temperature is too high or too low can lead to failure of the vaccine, biological ice bag can be used as a refrigerant with a cold vaccine The use of refrigerators and temperature and humidity monitoring equipment can record and monitor the temperature and humidity in the vaccine refrigerated box throughout the process. According to the data, the use of ice packs can be increased to control the temperature.

2. Food Insulation: After the biological ice pack is completely frozen, it can be used as a refrigerated product such as cakes and fresh foods. It can be used in conjunction with food incubators or foam incubators.

3, ice Medicine: COOLER direct contact with the skin is not recommended physical cooling, with a towel or other soft material not hurt the skin layer of the pad to prevent bleeding crack ice bag contents to a wound

4, physical cooling: outdoor camping or simply cooling the use of ice bags can be placed together with products to be cooled

preservation method:

1. When not in use, place it in a cool place at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight, and avoid the aging of the bio-ice bag.

2, after the ice bag is laid flat, it can be stored in the freezer for long-term frozen storage.

3. If the bag is carelessly scratched, the contents of the biological ice pack can be screwed tightly into the bottle of mineral water to continue freezing.


Inedible, if you accidentally eat it, seek medical advice as soon as possible!

Avoid sharps and sharp objects!

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