Superabsorbent Polymers -material Of Ice Pack

- Oct 18, 2018-

With the development of science and technology, environmental protection has received more and more attention. If the superabsorbent polymer is charged into a bag that is soluble in sewage and the bag is immersed in the sewage, the superabsorbent polymer can quickly absorb the liquid and solidify the sewage when the bag is dissolved.

In the electronics industry, superabsorbent polymers can also be used as humidity sensors, moisture measurement sensors, and water leak detectors. The superabsorbent polymer can be used as a heavy metal ion adsorbent and an oil absorbing material.

In short, superabsorbent polymers are a very versatile polymer material, and the development of superabsorbent polymer resins has great market potential. This year, in the case of drought and little rain in most parts of northern China, how to further promote and use superabsorbent polymers is an urgent task for agricultural and forestry science and technology workers. In the implementation of the strategy for the development of the western region, in the work of improving the soil, vigorously develop and apply a variety of practical functions of superabsorbent polymers, with realistic social benefits and potential economic benefits.

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